Calendar design tips: How to choose the right format

Question: Which image format is best for a calendar – portrait or landscape?

Answer: It depends.

Let’s take a look at the “it depends”-factors determining which format to choose:

You can produce calendars in a variety of sizes, the format being the major differentiator between them. Should you think about producing photos for a calendar, it’s important to consider their format right from the start. Because nothing is more annoying then ending up with good shots in the wrong format: Images in portrait format often look somewhat lost in a landscape format calendar while images in landscape format appear to be too small when used in a portrait format calendar. This is because they are about one third smaller than images in the right (landscape) format and thus lose their effect. Therefore, stick with one format for the series of images that you’re intending to use for your calendar.

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Tips and tools for calendar self-publishers

Need tips and tools for calendar publishing? Here’s a bunch of handy links that we’ve picked and mixed from different Calvendo sources and bundled in one place here:


CALVENDO self-publishers in conversation: David Ireland

David Ireland’s photographic ventures started when his nephew appointed him as ‘official wedding photographer’. Since then, his camera has never been too far away and his Calvendo calendar portfolio reflects his passion for photogenic locations and motives, with castles, cathedrals and steam trains.


David, can you talk a bit about your background as a photographer and how and
when you took up photography?

About 10 years ago I was asked by my nephew to photograph his wedding but at the time only had a cheap compact digital camera. I bought a second-hand Canon 300D (which I still own) for the job. Not many days go by now when I haven’t pressed the shutter button for one reason or another. I only use my cameras fully manual now and take 90% plus photos in RAW format.

David's Anglican Cathedrals calendar, part of the Calvendo Gold edition

David’s Anglican Cathedrals calendar, part of the Calvendo Gold edition

From the Anglican Cathedrals calendar

From the Anglican Cathedrals calendar

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