CALVENDO self-publishers in conversation: Jill Galloway about her style and why painting sweets is a pleasure

As a trained painter and figure artist, Jill Galloway focuses on depicting what she calls “the beauty of the commonplace”. She gives her paintings of everyday objects a delightful pop art twist and has turned some of her colourful work into calendars. Here, she tells us more about her work and why she thinks creating calendars can be very valuable for artists.

Jill Galloway

Jill Galloway

Jill, your website comes with the tag line “art in broad strokes”. Can you explain what you mean by that and talk a bit about your work and inspiration?

My art moves between several different styles depending on the subject I’m painting. Often my more iconic art end up in oils, my landscapes are usually in watercolour and my figure work is usually in charcoals and pastels. I’m not sure why this happens, but I really like it. It seems to keep everything fresh.

It made sense to go with a slogan like “art in broad strokes” because of the range of mediums I work with. Lately, I’ve been playing with combining the mediums and even working in graphic designs and pattern work.

I’m inspired by really common objects (especially sweet ones) like cupcakes, ice cream bars, and cookies! I sometimes think of my art as a little vintage with a sweet modern twist!

JJ Galloway: Absolutely Edible

JJ Galloway: Absolutely Edible

For anyone into chocolate, ice-cream, cakes and the like, your ‘Edibles’ collection is hard to look at without wanting to reach out and grab what they’re seeing … How do you approach painting these particularly ‘tasty’ objects? Continue reading

Calvendo under review: What the experts and our users say

How are we doing? That’s an important question for Calvendo, so we therefore listen carefully when experts scrutinise our calendar self-publishing platform. Since its launch in autumn 2012, there have been a number of reviews by photo communities, consumer guides checking products and services and users. What did they have to say? Let’s take a look at some tests and user experiences:, a resource for anyone interested in creating their own calendars, gives Calvendo the thumbs up, saying it’s “an opportunity for ambitious photographers to market their images as calendars that are sold via the book retail industry.” They like our online editor, noting that “it’s easy to use and offers many options”. Last but not least, their review highlights the following aspects as a bonus: No cost involved for users (hence no risk) plus comprehensive FAQs on the site and help provided by the jury who checks each submitted calendars before they’re released.


Online magazine reviewed Calvendo, too, tested our offer, and, in particular, positively commented on our jury (which we’re pretty chuffed about) and the fact that each calendar submitted undergoes a quality check by a human being, applying expertise, common sense and providing suggestions for approval. Also, there was a bit of unexpected positive surprise about the print quality since Calvendo calendars are printed digitally on-demand and some still think that digital printing can’t keep up with offset quality. However, “the print quality is surprisingly good and no different to offset printed calendars”. concludes its review by saying that Calvendo “offers artists an opportunity to produce and sell high-quality calendars without needing to invest any money”. We’re also inclined to mention the verdict of Five stars out of five for Calvendo in their test, saying that it “sets new standards for calendar self-publishing” while stressing the potential the platform offers for private and corporate users to use Calvendo for testing content ideas and generating additional income.

Another site,, that tests and compares consumer services, assigned us a “very good”, and we get similarly good grades from our users (most importantly!) whom we surveyed this summer: Two thirds enjoy publishing with Calvendo and more than 70% recommend the platform to family and friends. And rest assured, we’ll continue to listen carefully to what our users have to say!