CALVENDO self-publishers in conversation: Nadia Attura

Award-winning artist Nadia Attura, who says about herself that she’s a ‘photographer who loves the rain’, mixes fine art and photojournalism in her very unique and unmistakable style. In our series ‘Calvendo self-publishers in conversation’ she tells us why for a photographer it’s all about the light and what kind of Calvendo calendar ideas she’s got for the next season.

A keen eye: Nadia at work

A keen eye: Nadia at work

1. Nadia, your work mixes fine art with photojournalism. Can you talk a bit about how you developed your style and what characterises your pictures?

I work as a travel photojournalist and the images are not manipulated. They have no post production work. I also work as a portrait photographer and shoot ten weddings a year, and for this type of photography I continue working in post production by using filters and layers to make the images appear to be retro, taken with a vintage camera. About a year ago, I decided to implement these techniques in my new landscape work and loved the results. I later mixed darkroom techniques with various collected textures, sketch book drawings and paint, combining all these elements into one print. I find this way of working deeply satisfying, and I am able to bring together the two disciplines I studied, fine art and photojournalism.

2. Looking at your portfolio, travelling and travel photography certainly play an important part in your life. Any favourite destinations and images you brought back from there? And is there a special place on your agenda for this year? Continue reading

CALVENDO self-publishers in conversation: Dex Hannon about mixing up paintings and what inspires him

Yorkshire-based Dex Hannon’s modus operandi might confuse some: His website not only features his name but that of three other artists, too. But are they really ‘other’? Here, the painter and photographer tells us all about this ‘split artistic personality’, and why not being shy when it comes to promoting your work is vital for self-publishers.

Dex Hannon in his own style

Dex Hannon in his own style

1. Dex, your website, The Broken Toy Company, features the tag line ‘four artists 1 mind’. So, tell us, are we talking to one person or multiple personalities?

No, luckily this is only Dex. I should give you a brief outline of what I mean by ‘four artists, 1 mind’ and also why, I work as four artists, or at least as ‘Heteronyms’ as Fernando Pessoa would call them. These artists are not alter egos but real parts of me, the Broken Toy Company (BTC). Each creator who is part of the BTC has his own voice, his own identity, his own way of working. They only share the same vessel. So, today its only Dex Hannon, possibly the easiest to get a straight answer from.

2. How would you describe your artistic work with its mix of photography, digital and painting? Continue reading