Re-publish your calendar for 2016: It’s easy!

If you want to publish your 2015 calendar again for the next year and in fact any year after, we’ve made things easy for you. The “flexible calendar grid” option in our online editor guarantees that dates are automatically updated. You might not remember if you have clicked that option when initially setting up your calendar so please check and do so now:

–       Go to “Projects approved by Calvendo” in your account

–       Click on the grey button with the cog wheel symbol to the right of your published
project(s) (My Project Management)

–       Click the option “Flexible calendar grid” in the window that’s opening

–       Click on save. All done and no need to re-submit your work!

2015 calendars will automatically be updated over the coming months and in time before the next calendar sale season starts. We’ll let you know!

One more thing: If you’ve integrated the year in a text field on your calendar cover, the system will recognise that when the automatic calendar update gets under way and change it to 2016. However, if you’ve created a separate image for the cover image that integrates the year as part of the photo, our software won’t recognise that and we’ll have to ask you to change the year yourself and re-submit your project.

Pin it: why Pinterest helps with your calendar marketing

Pinterest, a digital pin board, is perfect for presenting and sharing your visual work and calendars. Why? Because as a social network Pinterest is all about images and if there’s one thing you can show off it’s your pics, paintings, graphic work and illustrations.

Social media experts talk of Pinterest as the platform of the hour in the UK, with huge growth and lots happening on the site. What using Pinterest means for you is the opportunity to show your calendars to potential buyers, and with more than two million users in the UK, there’s quite an audience out there. For your own marketing purposes, Pinterest therefore offers:

–       wider reach – for your work as well as for your own website via repins, “likes” and

–       visibility and attention – you can reach people who share your interests and
potential buyers looking for ideas, inspiration and gifts

–       link generation – Pinterest facilitates backlinks which will have a positive effect for
your own website and ultimately your Google ranking

Thousands of creative people already use Pinterest as a showcase for their work. Here’s how you can get started:

–       Set up a number of boards on different topics, choosing meaningful titles and
eye-catching cover images

–       Regularly pin your own images

–       Add some short copy to each pin, and use hashtags such as #calendar

–       Don’t forget to repin which will attract new visitors to your boards

–       Follow other users and/or interesting boards

–       Use other channels (website, Facebook, Twitter) to inform your followers that you’re
on Pinterest

Don’t forget to take a look at Calvendo’s Pinterest presence where we promote your work and follow us there. We’ve also put together a special board featuring lots of tips how to use Pinterest.

Happy pinning!