It’s the simple things

Quirky, witty, imaginative: Door number 23 of our Advent calendar reveals a peanut family standing in the rain. With eggshell umbrellas. And why not! Our author Nailia Schwarz has created this and other wonderful pictures that tell stories for her wonderful Simple Things wall calendar.

Wonders of the Milky Way

Door 17 of our Advent calendar opens up to one of the many stunning images in our author Steve Renger’s The Milky Way poster book. Catching the wonders of the night sky and displaying them as only the camera can do – this particular scene is called ‘celestial throne‘ and we simply enjoy looking at it.


Side by side

At the end of a year that ruffled our feathers more than once, let’s not forget that we only really have a chance if we walk side by side: Opening door number 10 of our Advent calendar, we take a look at his wonderful image of togetherness, featured in our author Enrique del Campo’s Kruger Wildlife calendar. Have a great weekend everyone!