Vintage, baby

Just in case you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone from Ilkeston or around, look no further: We’re opening door number five of the Calvendo Advent calendar to one of artist Stephen Millership’s vintage-style illustrations of Ilkeston. If you like what you see (we do!), there’s more in his Ilkeston, Past and Present calendar, a wonderful homage to his hometown in Derbyshire that he brought to life on our platform. Thanks, Stephen!



They do things differently, in Norway

It’s the second Sunday of Advent and door number four of our Advent calendar reveals a spectacular Norwegian church. Have you ever seen such a structure? We admit we hadn’t, before coming across our author Dirk Rosin’s Churches of Norway calendar which very nicely takes us into a hitherto unknown architectural world …


The glory of English cathedrals

Opening door number three of our Advent calendar and admiring an often overlooked perspective: John Eaton’s wonderful Heaven’s Above calendar celebrates the ceilings and vaults of the great English medieval cathedrals. Here’s what you can see when you look above you in Carlisle Cathedral. Loving the colours!