Side by side

At the end of a year that ruffled our feathers more than once, let’s not forget that we only really have a chance if we walk side by side: Opening door number 10 of our Advent calendar, we take a look at his wonderful image of togetherness, featured in our author Enrique del Campo’s Kruger Wildlife calendar. Have a great weekend everyone!

CALVENDO self-publishers in conversation: David Ireland

David Ireland’s photographic ventures started when his nephew appointed him as ‘official wedding photographer’. Since then, his camera has never been too far away and his Calvendo calendar portfolio reflects his passion for photogenic locations and motives, with castles, cathedrals and steam trains.


David, can you talk a bit about your background as a photographer and how and
when you took up photography?

About 10 years ago I was asked by my nephew to photograph his wedding but at the time only had a cheap compact digital camera. I bought a second-hand Canon 300D (which I still own) for the job. Not many days go by now when I haven’t pressed the shutter button for one reason or another. I only use my cameras fully manual now and take 90% plus photos in RAW format.

David's Anglican Cathedrals calendar, part of the Calvendo Gold edition

David’s Anglican Cathedrals calendar, part of the Calvendo Gold edition

From the Anglican Cathedrals calendar

From the Anglican Cathedrals calendar

How would you describe your style and approach as a photographer? Continue reading

Gentle giants

Opening door number 18 of our Advent calendar and looking at these gentle giants makes us calm down in this hectic time of year. Artist and writer Peter Williams creates much loved photo-realistic wildlife pencil drawings and we’re glad that he’s working with Calvendo to produce calendars such as his Might Fine Art Drawn Wild one.