Wonders of the Milky Way

Door 17 of our Advent calendar opens up to one of the many stunning images in our author Steve Renger’s The Milky Way poster book. Catching the wonders of the night sky and displaying them as only the camera can do – this particular scene is called ‘celestial throne‘ and we simply enjoy looking at it.


Not just a tree

Be enchanted by the world of multiple exposure on day number 15 of our Advent calendar: We are quite taken by this tree, featured in our author Magdalena Szczygiel’s The Art of Multiexposure wall calendar. Has a touch of the impressionistic, hasn’t it? There are eleven more images in Magdalena’s calendar, each one made of dozens of single photos that were all taken in Rzeszow in Poland. Here’s to all you Calvendo users, a truly international community of creative makers!

Be poised

It’s time for a bit of grace and elegance in our lives: Behind door number 14 of our Advent calendar we see this beautiful image of a ballet dancer from our author Stuart Lorraine’s Balletic Visions wall calendar. Sometimes a silhouette is enough to express it all.