There’s no bridge like Tower Bridge

Door number 13 of our Advent calendar reveals one of the most famous British landmarks there is: the Tower Bridge in all its glory and as featured in our author Laura Hol’s Paintings of Britain wall calendar. Laura’s contemporary art has a unique way of capturing the identity of sights we all know. Enjoy!


Of small people and big mountains

Hoping that your week won’t be too much of an uphill struggle … :-): Behind door number 12 of our Advent calendar we find this simply stunning image, featured in our author Lumi Toma’s Alps from Above calendar. Majestic, breathtaking, grand – Lumi’s Alpine perspectives are worth taking a closer look!

Side by side

At the end of a year that ruffled our feathers more than once, let’s not forget that we only really have a chance if we walk side by side: Opening door number 10 of our Advent calendar, we take a look at his wonderful image of togetherness, featured in our author Enrique del Campo’s Kruger Wildlife calendar. Have a great weekend everyone!