Calvendo self-publishers in conversation: Leigh Bagley

Leigh Bagley’s calendars are different to the the mostly photography-based work that the majority of Calvendo authors create: He works with colorful abstract graphic print designs that are timeless, classic and cool – at least, that’s what we think. Time to have a chat with him to learn more about his background as an artist and designer, his inspiration and the importance of colour for his work.


Leigh, you studied textile design at the Royal College of Art in London and are now lecturing at the Glasgow School of Art as well as running your own company, producing abstract graphic prints. Can you tell us as a bit about your career and how you came to do what you’re doing?

Born and raised just outside Birmingham, I developed an eye for colour and interest in design from an early age. My design career began shortly after graduating from the Royal College of Art in London in 2000 when I worked as a freelance knitted textile designer selling to Calvin Klein, Levi, Nicole Fahri, Eddie Bauer, Milk, Woolmark, to name just a few, for the next ten years.

Following my textile design career working in both fashion and interiors, in 2012, I decided to launch my print company because I was eager to develop my interests in rich abstract graphic print design and I produced my first collection of limited edition prints. Luckily, my work was instantly coveted by leading architecture and interior design companies which helped promote my design work. As my name got around, my editioned prints became sought after by private clients, so I started to expand and investigate the potential of my design work on other products.

How would you describe your style and main interest as an artist? Continue reading