Lots to be inspired by: Calvendo’s creative calendar makers

With calendar season on our doorsteps (yes, autumn is finally here!), we see new users on our platform as well as ‘old hands’ cracking on with their ideas and producing fresh calendar material. Here are a few projects that caught our eye over the past weeks. If you haven’t logged into the system yet this year to start a new project, take a look and be inspired by this snapshot of our talented Calvendo community (and there’s much more!):


  • Whimsical and delightful: Japanese Kokeshi doll illustrations by Capucine with cleverly woven in seasonal references. (Don’t miss the December Kokeshi!)
  • The eyes have it: Great use of our new cover design templates by David Knowles in his ‘Just Nature’s Eyes’ calendar
  • Yearning for the countryside: Christian Mueringer is tapping into the zeitgeist with his ‘Charming Country Houses’ project and collection of rural gems around Europe.
  • Retro with a modern twist: Stephen Millerships’s travel poster style illustrations of Manchester and his hometown Ilkeston are fabulous. Take a look!
  • Delicious: Atlantismedia’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ selection is mouth-watering. Pretty perfect for everyone who has a sweet tooth.
  • Intriguing: Wildlife Art Print’s produced some amazing macro shots of beetles clear, crisp and rather stylish.
  • Reflective: David Chennell’s Wirral calendar features beautiful reflection photography, showing Merseyside’s hidden gem in a different light.
  • Niche interest: Airline tails – yes, that’s a thing! Craig Russell had enough material for not just one but two calendars featuring airline tails. If you’re not an aviation expert yourself, you’ll be surprised how varied and colourful they are
  • Twilight zone: Sue Burton has taken a closer look a the hours of twilight and found different  Degrees of Darkness
  • Flower artistry: Terry Hewlett’s Floral Attraction brightens up every wall,  a real mood booster!

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Calvendo launching “Made in the UK” calendar edition

Calling all photographers, graphic designers, painters and creative people: We’ve just launched a new Made in the UK edition and would love to see your calendar ideas for that! 2016 calendars submitted between now and 15th November 2015 will be considered for Calvendo’s special Made in the UK logo to be featured on every calendar selected.


With the Made in the UK edition, Calvendo wants to encourage users to think creatively how to render the theme of Britishness for the medium of a wall calendar: “Typical sports, customs, traditions, sights, quirks – any ideas are welcome and will be considered by our team of calendar specialists,” explains Calvendo CEO Jochen Jauch. “We’re deliberately not restricting the topic further apart from the ‘Made in the UK’ headline because we want to give our users scope to use their creativity as freely as possible. We’re very excited to see what kind of topics they’ll come up with and in which form they’ll submit them for our new calendar edition dedicated to all things British.”

Important to know for anyone considering to give it a go: Every calendar that is created on www.calvendo.co.uk and submitted has the chance of being published, even if it won’t be included in the Made in the UK edition. As an open platform, users can register free of charge on Calvendo, create their calendars as self-publishers with an editing software integrated on the site and submit them to a jury who will perform a quality check. All calendars that pass the jury process and are released for publication will receive an ISBN and be listed on retail platforms such as Amazon. Production is upon custom order via digital print-on-demand and self-publishers receive royalties for each calendar copy sold.

Users who want their submission to be considered for the Made in the UK edition should add a short note before submitting their work. For more information, please see our dedicated “How to submit a calendar for the Made in the UK edition” page. Users whose calendar has been selected will be informed and provided with the logo to add it to their calendar. They are also free not to accept the label and publish their calendar without. Altogether, Calvendo will include 20 calendars in its first ever Made in the UK edition.

Meet the jury …

… well, not personally but we’d like to give you an insight into how it works since the quality check performed by our expert panel is a vital element of the service Calvendo offers. In particular for all the newcomers using our platform (welcome!), here’s an overview of our criteria for publication and how the jury decides if a product will be released – or not:

After submitting your project, the Calvendo jury will contact you with one of the three following messages: Your project has been released for publication straight away (hooray!), you’re being asked to make certain corrections (all in your best interest!) or your project has been rejected (shame – but try again!). The jury bases these decisions on a set of criteria in order to establish the overall quality of a project:

• craftsmanship
• creative achievement and degree of originality
• technical quality
• completeness and relevancy of the information for imprint and product description
• legally admissible and ethically unobjectionable
• satisfaction of the needs of the respective target group
• potential demand in the market (i.e. will it sell)
• does it fit with the Calvendo publishing programme


Each of these elements is important. If, for example, your calendar is technically and visually absolutely brilliant, but missing a product description, it can’t be released because trade catalogues won’t list your calendar without one. As an innovative self-publishing platform, Calvendo needs to make sure to be taken seriously by all the partners we work with in the book retail sector. And this in turns also means that we can’t accept every product submitted to us. In the end, our jury’s decision is final and binding.
In order to make things easier, we’ve put together extensive guidelines in our FAQs covering everything from which fonts to use to how to design a cover. And: Take a look at our checklist before submitting your project. It’ll help! By the way, help – one thing our jury definitely does, is help you, by giving you advice and suggestions how to improve your project.