CALVENDO self-publishers in conversation: Paul Iddon

“Then suddenly, I discovered something amazing … “: Meet Paul Iddon, a self-taught photographer and Calvendo wall calendar publisher whose big passion is macro photography. Here, he tells us why, talks about his technical equipment and gives some good advice for Calvendo newcomers.

Paul_CalvendoPaul, can you talk a bit about your background as a photographer and how and when you took up photography?

I found an interest in photography 20 or 30 years ago, back in the days when 36mm film was the standard. After trying a few film cameras, I decided that I wanted an SLR, and my first SLR was a Canon EOS. I never had any training on using a quality camera, and so became self-taught, but in retrospect I was limited in my abilities. I did landscapes and people, much like everybody else. I suppose, looking back, all my photos were pretty average – even if at the time, I thought they were good myself!

How would you describe your style and approach as a photographer? Continue reading