Calvendo self-publishers in conversation: Lucy Antony

From vintage minis to colourful Portmeirion via some lovely seals in Norfolk – Calvendo calendar publisher Lucy Antony, aka Lucy Antony/Loose Images in her photographer guise, has a wonderfully eclectic portfolio and a love for detail, as she tells us in our interview. She also lets us in on how she honed her photography skills through a 365 project and has some excellent advice for first time Calvendo users.

Lucy in the sky ... loving this levitation-cum-self-portrait shot!

Lucy in the sky … loving this levitation-cum-self-portrait shot!

Lucy, can you talk a bit about your background as a photographer and how and when you took up photography?

I’ve always loved photography. My dad was rarely seen without a camera, and I suppose I took my lead from him. I have all his slides and cine films in my attic! So, I took for photos for years, but it wasn’t until I did a 365 project – taking a photo every day for a year – a few years ago that my skills improved to the point where I thought ‘yes, these are worth showing to the world’, and started my Facebook page Loose Images. Since then I have sold works to the local city council, a restaurant used some shots for an award they won, and of course, via Calvendo. I have made calendars for friends and family as presents for a number of years (my mum always asks for one for Christmas!), so that’s why I thought I would try some online with Calvendo.

I highly recommend the 365 project for improving photography skills, though – I tried macro work, long exposures, ‘trick’ photography and self-portraits, the latter something I thought I would never do. Although in my case I combined trick photography with self-portraiture, producing a number of levitation shots, including my ‘Mary Poppins’ shot which was great fun!

Vintage Minis calendar, by Lucy Antony/Loose Images

Vintage Minis calendar, by Lucy Antony/Loose Images

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