Proudly presenting: Calvendo’s first ever “Made in the UK” wall calendar edition

A couple of months ago, we asked our self-publishers to submit calendars under the headline “Made in the UK” – with no further restrictions: Traditions, sights, quirks, anything was possible and our users had the freedom to interpret the headline freely and let their creative juices flow. Now and in time for Christmas (gift ideas!), we have a lovely collection of wall calendars in our first ever “Made in the UK” edition, featuring anything from magical woodlands, to Sottish, Welsh and English landscapes, by way of vintage cars, steam trains and much more. We’ve got photography, digital paintings and even calligraphy! It’s eclectic, quirky and quite beautiful – just like the UK.

A huge thank you to all our authors who submitted their work for “Made in the UK”!

And here they are – proudly presenting:

List of all Calvendo “Made in the UK” calendars including links to our product gallery:

Lil Folx, by Nick Meers

Calligraphic William Morris Calendar, by Ingo Schiege

Typically British, by Silvia Drafz

Portmeirion, by Loose Images/Lucy Antony

Morris Minors, by Loose Images/Lucy Antony

Steam Landscape, by David Ireland

Anglican Cathedrals, by David Ireland

Magical Woodlands, by Ceri Jones

Dreamlike Gardens in Southern England, by Christian Mueringer

Whitby Harbour, by WT Images/Wendy Thompson

Big Bold and Beautiful, by WT Images/Wendy Thompson

Scottish Scenes, by Alan Maitland

Iona Scotland’s Mystical Isle, by Sharon Poole

Beautiful Manor Valley, by Henning von Moers of Menar

Ladybirds and Bees of the UK, by Paul Iddon

Rule Britannia, by Edward Nagele

Simply Scotland, by John Darby

A Journey through the United Kingdom, by Helmut Gulbins

The beauty of the Llyn Peninsula, by Phil Pownall

Scenes from the Peak District, by Andrew Kearton



Gregor International Calendar Award – now also for self-publishers

Good news for Calvendo self-publishers: The prestigious ‘Gregor International Calendar Award’ has recognised the growing importance of self-publishing and added a new category for self-published calendars this year. So, if you feel you could be among the first ever ‘Gregor Self-Publishing Award’ winners, read on for more information about the competition! 

The most important thing first: Calvendo authors who take part in the Gregor International Calendar Award competition,will get an exclusive discount of 40% on the entry fees: 

  • Fees for submitting one to five calendar titles – EUR 96 (approx. GBP 68) instead of EUR 160
  • Fees for submitting six to ten calendar titles – EUR 150 (approx. GBP 105) instead of EUR 250

A bit of background for you: The international Gregor award was launched in 1950 by ‘Graphischer Klub Stuttgart’ (Graphic Club Stuttgart), Baden-Wurttemberg’s Ministry of Finance and Economy and the employer’s association ‘Druck und Medien’ (Print and Media) in order to showcase calendar creations in Germany and abroad. Participants can submit calendars in ten different subject categories:

  1. Travel/Landscapes
  2. Cities and Architecture
  3. Animals
  4. Art and Culture
  5. Technology and Transport
  6. Sport and Hobbies
  7. People
  8. Eating, Drinking & Lifestyle
  9. Humour/Satire
  10. Nature and the Environment

The competition works with two submission deadlines for summer (24th July 2015) and winter (11th December 2015) and a jury made up of photography and design experts, trade buyers and consumers will decide on the winners. Two jury meetings in August 2015 and January 2016 will each time result in a short list of ten who will receive an award. The ten calendars of the August short list will also be exhibited at Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2015.


The jury will then select the final winners in the respective categories of the Self-Publishing Awards from the pool of altogether 20 short list winners (from the jury meetings in August 2015 and January 2016). The official awards ceremony will take place in Stuttgart on 21st January 2016 and from the start of September 2015 onwards award-winning calendars will be published on

If you’re thinking about taking part, please make sure to claim your exclusive 40% Calvendo discount. In order to do so, you will have to enter your Calvendo author ID in the field “Customer Number” on the registration form. You’ll find you ID number on your account statement in your Calvendo account (“Autoren-ID”, top right). Should you have trouble finding you ID number, please contact

You’ll need to submit your calendars by post (three copies per title) to ‘Graphischer Klub’ in Stuttgart plus print outs of your registration form and a short text explaining the calendar concept. For all details how to participate including addresses and contact details please click here (scroll to page 2 of the document for information in English and page 3 for the registration form). Please note that the entry fee needs to be transferred in Euros.

We appreciate that participation involves a considerable contribution and an investment of time and money on your side. However, since we managed to get a discount for our authors and the fact that this is the only award of this kind for calendar self-publishers, we felt that informing you about this option was in order. Good luck to everyone taking part!!