Calvendo self-publishers in conversation: Lucy Antony

From vintage minis to colourful Portmeirion via some lovely seals in Norfolk – Calvendo calendar publisher Lucy Antony, aka Lucy Antony/Loose Images in her photographer guise, has a wonderfully eclectic portfolio and a love for detail, as she tells us in our interview. She also lets us in on how she honed her photography skills through a 365 project and has some excellent advice for first time Calvendo users.

Lucy in the sky ... loving this levitation-cum-self-portrait shot!

Lucy in the sky … loving this levitation-cum-self-portrait shot!

Lucy, can you talk a bit about your background as a photographer and how and when you took up photography?

I’ve always loved photography. My dad was rarely seen without a camera, and I suppose I took my lead from him. I have all his slides and cine films in my attic! So, I took for photos for years, but it wasn’t until I did a 365 project – taking a photo every day for a year – a few years ago that my skills improved to the point where I thought ‘yes, these are worth showing to the world’, and started my Facebook page Loose Images. Since then I have sold works to the local city council, a restaurant used some shots for an award they won, and of course, via Calvendo. I have made calendars for friends and family as presents for a number of years (my mum always asks for one for Christmas!), so that’s why I thought I would try some online with Calvendo.

I highly recommend the 365 project for improving photography skills, though – I tried macro work, long exposures, ‘trick’ photography and self-portraits, the latter something I thought I would never do. Although in my case I combined trick photography with self-portraiture, producing a number of levitation shots, including my ‘Mary Poppins’ shot which was great fun!

Vintage Minis calendar, by Lucy Antony/Loose Images

Vintage Minis calendar, by Lucy Antony/Loose Images

How would you describe your style and approach as a photographer? Continue reading

Proudly presenting: Calvendo’s first ever “Made in the UK” wall calendar edition

A couple of months ago, we asked our self-publishers to submit calendars under the headline “Made in the UK” – with no further restrictions: Traditions, sights, quirks, anything was possible and our users had the freedom to interpret the headline freely and let their creative juices flow. Now and in time for Christmas (gift ideas!), we have a lovely collection of wall calendars in our first ever “Made in the UK” edition, featuring anything from magical woodlands, to Sottish, Welsh and English landscapes, by way of vintage cars, steam trains and much more. We’ve got photography, digital paintings and even calligraphy! It’s eclectic, quirky and quite beautiful – just like the UK.

A huge thank you to all our authors who submitted their work for “Made in the UK”!

And here they are – proudly presenting:

List of all Calvendo “Made in the UK” calendars including links to our product gallery:

Lil Folx, by Nick Meers

Calligraphic William Morris Calendar, by Ingo Schiege

Typically British, by Silvia Drafz

Portmeirion, by Loose Images/Lucy Antony

Morris Minors, by Loose Images/Lucy Antony

Steam Landscape, by David Ireland

Anglican Cathedrals, by David Ireland

Magical Woodlands, by Ceri Jones

Dreamlike Gardens in Southern England, by Christian Mueringer

Whitby Harbour, by WT Images/Wendy Thompson

Big Bold and Beautiful, by WT Images/Wendy Thompson

Scottish Scenes, by Alan Maitland

Iona Scotland’s Mystical Isle, by Sharon Poole

Beautiful Manor Valley, by Henning von Moers of Menar

Ladybirds and Bees of the UK, by Paul Iddon

Rule Britannia, by Edward Nagele

Simply Scotland, by John Darby

A Journey through the United Kingdom, by Helmut Gulbins

The beauty of the Llyn Peninsula, by Phil Pownall

Scenes from the Peak District, by Andrew Kearton