Don’t miss promoting your calendars via Social Media!

It’s the festive season and many people are looking for gift ideas. Cue: Your wall calendars. Here’s how to easily reach potential customers and calendar buyers:

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are attracting heavy traffic at this time of year and many people are looking for inspiration what to get friends and family for Christmas.

This is your chance to show your work! And you can easily do that via the “Calvendo Social” functions in our product gallery and simply “click & share”:

  1. Choose your calendar in the Calvendo product gallery
  2. Scroll down a bit where you’ll see “Share on Facebook” under “Calvendo Social” on the right.
  3. Important: Before you click on the “Share on Facebook” link, make sure that your title page is displayed in the big slide show in the middle of the page that’s showing all your calendar pages for it to be included in your Facebook post. If not, simply click on the small image of your cover page underneath the slide show (where all 14 calendar pages are shown) and the slide show will revert back to it.
  4. Click on “Share on Facebook”. A window will open displaying a Facebook post including your cover image, title of your calendar, product description and link to the product gallery. (Should the cover image be missing, see 3.)
  5. You can choose where to post on Facebook in the top left and either share the post on your own timeline, that of a group, a friend etc. You can also add some copy in the “Say something about this” field and ask your friends to share your post, for instance.
  6. Click on “Share link” in the bottom right. Done!

If you want to share your calendar(s) on Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, simply click on the respective scroll bar (underneath the Facebook function) to activate it, then click on the corresponding symbol “Tweet”, “g +1” or “Pin it” next to it and share your post.

Don’t miss this easy way of promoting your calendars and start sharing!