Calendar publishing platform all set for growth

Hooray, just wanted to share some good news with you: Less than a year after its UK launch, the Calvendo publishing platform has reached the 1000 registered user mark. It’s great to see that so many English-language photographers and artists are already creating and publishing calendars with us: “We see a similarly successful development as when we initially launched in Germany in 2012 and are excited about our platform’s development for the upcoming calendar season,” says Calvendo Managing Director Hans-Joachim Jauch.

Calvendo’s UK division now has almost 1100 registered users and a good 4500 calendars with UK ISBNs in its list. And we’re always looking for good content, be it from individual or corporate users, and happy to consider a wide range of topics for our calendar programme. Here’s some more info on calendar themes. Take a look and let us see how creative you are!



Why you should (really) invest time in your product description

Creating a calendar is a very visual business, yes. However, there’s more to it and since we like to make sure their your products have as good a chance of selling as possible we’d like to draw your attention to a check list we’ve put together that will help you improve your product description (link below). Here’s why this element of your calendar is so vital for your success as a self-publisher:

So, you’ve finished designing your calendar. Everything is really looking good. You’re happy. However, you’re not quite done yet because words are no less important than the visuals. In order to turn you project into a product that can be sold successfully, a convincing product description is needed.

This calendar element is made up of your short description, your advertising blurb and your keywords. Together with the thumbnails, these three components are the most important information that we transfer to the central book trade catalogues and retail platforms. Search engine exposure and making your calendar visible on the web largely depend on a good product description.

Our advice therefore: Don’t rush through this bit and take some time to get it right. After all, this is your chance to attract potential buyers’ attention and let them know why your calendar is special and just the thing they should be hanging up on their wall!

Click here for our lowdown of product description dos and don’ts


CALVENDO self-publishers in conversation: Dee Sweeney

Irish photographer Dee Sweeney has been taking pictures all her life. Here, she tells us about her passion for capturing life’s special moments and why she feels half French. 

Dee Sweeney at work

Dee Sweeney at work

1. Dee, can you talk a bit about your background as a photographer and how and when you took up photography?

Since I was a kid I always loved photography. I remember my parents having the old box camera and I used it many times guided by my dad. When my smaller brother was born I was obsessed with taking his photograph, and my mom had to hide the camera as it was costing her a fortune to develop the photographs! I always loved photography and was admired for my keen eye on catching special moments. Throughout my life in college, my work and travel all over the world I always would have some sort of a camera with me. I have thousands of photographs in my attic with so many precious moments and memories which are irreplaceable. My photography has always been about my love for it and this is portrayed in my work. I was born with this gift and I love to share it with people. The most rewarding part is to see the happiness I have brought and bring to people because of my photographs. There is simply no better feeling.

Seven years ago, I decided to take my Diploma in Photography with the Photography Institute in Ireland and enjoyed it very much. I am developing my photography business more, and I sell my prints online and directly.

'Colors of Provence' calendar

Colors of Provence‘ calendar

2. How would you describe your style and interests as a photographer? Continue reading