Gentle giants

Opening door number 18 of our Advent calendar and looking at these gentle giants makes us calm down in this hectic time of year. Artist and writer Peter Williams creates much loved photo-realistic wildlife pencil drawings and we’re glad that he’s working with Calvendo to produce calendars such as his Might Fine Art Drawn Wild one.

Mother Nature’s gift

So graceful: Hidden behind door number 15 of our Advent calendar is this beautiful flamingo. Photographer Dave Knowles has put together a whole collection of images for his Just Flamingos calendar featuring this type of wading bird in all its glory. The colours are delightful, showing that Mother Nature simply always does it best.

Tiger, Tiger

Well, hello! Such a wonderful creature behind door 3: Featured in Natasha Balletta’s Tiger Calendar. Natasha is passionate about wildlife and conservation and will donate all her author royalties for this calendar to the 21st Century tiger charity. Well worth supporting!