Self-publishing = Self-marketing

Once a product is created and put on the market, the work of a self-publisher is not quite done yet. Actually, marketing your calendar is vital to the success of your endeavour. And luckily, spreading the word has become so much easier in the age of Social Media and there’s a lot you can do to attract buyers that won’t cost you any money:

  • Spread the news on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and use product gallery links to show sample images
  • If you’ve got your own website or blog, promote your calendar there, link to the product gallery and provide links to online retailers where your calendar can be ordered
  • Get involved in online communities that might have an in interest in your calendar topic, e.g., on Facebook
  • Speak to your local book shop and see if they want to sell your product. Retailers can order your products through our wholesaler (see Retail)
  • Send a press release to your local newspaper. In particular if you have produced a calendar of your town or region, this could be of interest for them! The same applies to special interest magazines or websites: If your calendar topic fits the bill, why not let them know? The more niche the topic, the more likely that your calendar is the only one out there which raises demand.
  • Tell your family, friends and colleagues about your products – don’t be afraid to send out an email to blow your own trumpet!

Marketing info also on our website here.


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