Tips and tools for calendar self-publishers

Need tips and tools for calendar publishing? Here’s a bunch of handy links that we’ve picked and mixed from different Calvendo sources and bundled in one place here:


Fill the gaps in our product gallery: calendar-less UK towns and cities

From A for Aberdeen to Y for York – there are many, many towns and cities in the UK that are missing in our calendar product gallery. As part of our #BeautifulBritain initiative to encourage you to create more local and regional calendar content, why not start filling the gaps? Below’s an alphabetical list of towns and cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants that are either completely missing in our product gallery or where there only are only one or two calendars. Remember the advantages you have as a calendar self-publishers with this type of content: a ready-made audience that you can market your product to! So, give your hometown its own calendar, there’s no excuse not to 🙂

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